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Ecoray Automobile Ltd also delivered below services for some Govt project Construction work as a project management consultant on behalf of NTR Consortium Ltd.

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ECORAY is a Trunkey Project deliver Organization. It is a multidisciplinary technical, industrial, Commercial & Residential project and management services solution. ECORAY Sustainability & Design Ltd is a Turn-key Project deliver Organization. It is a multidisciplinary technical, industrial and management consultancy solution.



The primary objective of foundation ECORAY Sustainability & Design Ltd was to provide reliable consultancy services for RMG manufacturer to boost up with modern technology



 We ECORAY started our business activities in 29th July 2012 as an unregistered company.

 In 2016, 11th April ECORAY registered as a partnership company and received trade licence

from Dhaka North City Corporation. ECORAY had an intention to develop as a strong and
healthy company with the reputation and individual confidences

Experience & Past

 After registration to till date ECORAY delivered his services to many companies of the

 ECORAY SUSTAINABILITY AND DESIGN LIMITED registered In Joint Stock in 30/08/2017
and received trade licence in 10/09/2017 from Dhaka North City Corporation at the address
of ka-8, Jogonnathpur, Bashundhara Road, Vatara, Dhaka-129.

Performance of the Company

 Initially ECORAY started as a partnership company and having the market demand it
converted as a private limited company named- ECORAY SUSTAINABILITY AND DESIGN